Established in 1857, Bardinet House owns an historic know-how in the art of making French brandy. As one of the oldest brand, the prestigious Bardinet House helds a treasured technique and aged eaux-de-vie in its own cellar in the purest tradition. The passion and talent of our cellar master is at the heart of Bardinet brandies exceptional quality. Rigorously selecting the eaux-de-vie, traditionally ageing in oak cask and ensuring a perfect blending, Bardinet offers brandy of outstanding and consistent quality with an exceptional aromatic balance. Once the grapes have been carefully selected and crushed, the juice is fermented and then distilled in column stills. The mastery of distillation will induce the brandy aromatic richness. Brandies are patiently matured in oak casks in the purest tradition enabling the range of aroma refinement. Blending is crucial to deliver a qualitative brandy. This final step rests on the talent and expertise of the Cellar Master who creates and balances, magnifying the wines eaux-de-vie in accordance with tradition.

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