Producta have been producing and selling the wines of Bordeaux and its region since 1949. Bordeaux is the largest vineyard for appellation wines in the whole of France.

Situated in the South West near the Atlantic, it is crossed by the rivers Garonne and Dordogne and enjoys a temperate maritime climate. The richness, the quality and the diversity of its wines derive from the particular character of the terroirs, the experience of the winegrowers and the art of blending.

The greatest grape varieties in the world come from Bordeaux, but it is only in this region that they are blended to create such subtle, balanced and harmonious wines. “The Signature Selection Producta Vignobles” on our wines carries the values of the cooperative system and the assurance that the product has followed our quality process. The “Growers” Capsule indicates that the wine comes from an independent grower or, in our case, a grower-member of a cooperative. The AGRI Confiance Logo goes further in terms of commitments, to environmental aspects in particular.

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