SAINT-VIVANT Armagnac is produced in Condom, Gascony, and elaborated from vineyards located in two different terroirs: Bas Armagnac (where grapes produce delicate and fruity notes) and Ténarèze (where grapes produce full-bodied flavors). SAINT-VIVANT with its distinctive tilted neck bottle and traditional wax seal is distributed in over 20 countries. Being the N°1 worldwide Armagnac, SAINT-VIVANT acts as an ambassador of the Armagnac category in these countries. This noble spirit is elaborated by distilling white wines in Armagnac stills and then patiently ageing the spirit in large oak casks. The cellar master’s task is to carefully monitor the maturation process in order to stop the ageing once the Armagnac is at its peak in terms of flavor and complexity. Both the terroirs and the elaboration methods must abide by the strict rules set by the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) established in 1936 to protect the quality and authenticity of Armagnac.

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